About The Boutique

Everything Cards & Vintage Boutique exists to make an impact on someone’s hour, day or week through what they wear, see or give. We are a fashion & inspirational focused lifestyle boutique offering modern vintage apparel, inspirational designs in jewelry, handbags, home decor & gifts.  We share the love for all things homemade and harvest quality gifts that make memories. 

Melissa Gordon, blessed wife and proud mom, turned a deep passion for creativity and impacting others through kind words of a simple card into a pathway lead by faith that would allow her to share the joy, kindness and love with others. "Sometimes the simplest of words and an act of kindness can leave the biggest impact in someone's hour, day and life. This is why I created this business." -It's Through Him, Melissa

May you love the store, enjoy the shopping and spread the joy!


Why Hello There!

Be Unique. Be Love. Be Inspired.

The Cards

Every card is homemade featuring unique creativity to allow an expression of inspiration, love, kindness to our loved ones, family, friends and neighbors. Words are power and leave an everlasting impact on our lives. Say the word!

The Homemade Gifts

Love all things custom-made?! Me too. There is just something about sharing someone's hard work and craftiness. In the store or on-line you'll find one-of-a-kinds to keep & cherish or pass on as a tradition or share in giving as a gift.  Give a Gift!

The Apparel

Express the beauty of you with the latest styles and trends. Shop our store for modern vintage clothing and inspirational chic apparel!  Don't forget to accessorize; we have handbags, jewelry, hats, etc. New merchandise arrives daily. Be Unique & Be Love!

Say the Word, Give the Gift, Be Unique and Be Love