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Each morning I get up, head straight for the French press, make a cup of coffee and then walk over to my favorite bench, and sit down to do my morning reading. It’s my quiet time. It’s my time with Him. It’s a time of reflection, usually much thought and always growth. I’m one to dig deeper, wanting to know more about a character, a scripture, or the history behind the story. Then afterwards, I find myself wanting to talk it over, to share with someone what I’ve read or to discuss my thoughts. Ever had a similar desire? Over time, I kept feeling this inner passion to share the story, share the thought, to express the revelation received. I hesitated and am still hesitant about starting this blog; however, as I internally debated I found myself scrolling through Instagram and came across a post by another Christian blogger whom shared this thought “We shouldn’t be seeking the reason why we write. We should be writing because of the revelation we have received.” – marriedbyhisgrace.com. I thought doggone it! I guess it’s time to start this blog. So, here I am creating a blog site because well honestly, He told me to. Why keep the revelation to myself? Why not share thoughts with others? I’m reminded that when we share what’s been placed on our hearts, it has the potential to change, encourage, and grow someone else’s heart. So, here we go….

Hi, my name is Melissa Gordon. The blogs posted will share thoughts and inspirations received from the study of the Bible, other study guides, Christian books, a song or a conference I’ve attended. Anything He tells me to. You should know that I am not a theologian, not a pastor, don’t even have a degree in biblical studies! On the contrary, I’m wife of 13 years, a host mom to a wonderful Brazilian daughter, a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, M.S. in Space Studies, had plans to an astronaut, and now a small business owner of a boutique! Lol. I love my church, love to serve and lead, and most of all, I love my Jesus. Look forward to meeting some of you. Want to share a thought or reach me? Email me at thoughts@jlmdiary.com.  

Give Back

Proudly Support The A21 Campaign. A non-profit organization on a global mission to end human trafficking by providing awareness, intervention, and aftercare. Rescuing those from bondage and providing restoration. 

The Boutique

Fashion & inspirational focused lifestyle boutique offering modern vintage apparel, inspirational designs in jewelry, handbags, home decor & gifts.

Fun Facts About Me

Outdoors Fan // Enjoy Hunting // Love Watching Hallmark Channel // Big Chips & Salsa Eater // Dog Lover // Fitness Competitor Figure Pro/Am Show '07 // Favorite Season - Fall // Became Christian 1996 // Daughter-Wife-Mother-Sister-Friend

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