Post New Year Resolutions

The excitement of the New Year is somewhat fading and maybe you're find yourself struggling with those New Year's resolutions you made just a few days ago. Maybe your hearing a familiar voice slowly getting louder saying to you, you can't do this, you made this resolution last year why would the outcome be any different. Or maybe the voice is saying, you can't do this, you've already broken the resolution you just made. I am here to say don't listen to that voice. Don't be discouraged. Break the door, break the darkness. I love the lyrics to 'Rise' (Danny Gokey), it states:

Shut the door of yesterday, Leave what happened in the grave, You were made to rise, You were made to shine.
— 'Rise' by Danny Gokey

I encourage you to download it. Don't let your yesterday define who you are today. There is no connection, it's a new day.
Hallelujah for Him and for new beginnings.