It’s crazy sometimes the means that God uses to get our attention. I’m standing in 3 ft of water half-way around the world in Asia. As tides move in from the Indian Ocean, I stand there in stillness waiting for those quiet moments to come. This has to be a God-moment! God clearly wants to speak in this moment, so I better listen! But before I begin this quiet and enjoyable moment with Christ, I must be honest here; I was complaining. I was complaining quietly, but I was complaining. In those leading moments, I took issue with all my stomach and back pain. Stomach pain from being sick. Back pain from all the uncomfortable traveling. To top it off, I sliced my foot open the previous night. Heck, I was even complaining about my tiredness. I was exhausted, weak, and again, in pain. I actually asked God at one point, “Can I just get a break?” -And then it hit me. A wave hit me! What was probably a tiny 12 inch wave, hit me like a tidal wave! I was instantly flooded with thanksgiving. I couldn’t help it. Hundreds of things started to come to my mind of what I was thankful for. My Savior, my beautiful bride Heather, my amazing brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, other family members, great friends, life, Heaven, and my crazy boxer dog, Butterbean! If I’m honest, I can’t name every thought of thankfulness I had in that moment. There was just way too many to count! I could not get Philippians 4:6 out of my mind, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God.” Wow! Everything should come with thankfulness. Perspective is everything, right? Sometimes, we need a wave or two (literally in my case) to rush right into us! What kind of wave is God sending in your direction? And is He getting your attention?